Alternative European Destinations to Escape the Crowds

Alternative European Destinations to Escape the Crowds

In the wake of social distancing and an ever changing new world, you may want to take a detour away from the hustle and bustle of major travel destinations, to enjoy a city on your own terms.

Check out our list of some of Europe’s hidden treasures!

Ghent, Belgium

As one of Belgium’s oldest cities, Ghent has a medieval charm which is captured by its Gothic architecture and beautiful city centre. With sites including Gravensteen (a medieval castle) and the Cathedral of St Bavo (a 89 metre tall Gothic cathedral), visitors are spoilt by the history of this stunning city. If history does not take your fancy, don’t worry there is amazing quirkiness brought about by Ghent’s large student population which has transformed the city in recent years. Take a stroll along Graslei to enjoy a bite to eat at one of the independent cafes or a nighttime drink at one of the many bars. 

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig is a haven for young creatives and curious travellers. Often remarked as “the New Berlin,” Leipzig offers a vast array of incredible sights and experiences, without the hectic tourist hotspots. For music and art lovers, this east German city is perfect, allowing them to take full advantage of trade fair markets, music venues and entrepreneurial design studios. 

Gothenburg, Sweden

On the west coast of Sweden lies the city of Gothenburg is a wonderful place for travellers who are looking for a modern retreat, packed with activities and experiences. Take a walk through the Dutch-style canals, grab a bite to eat at one of the many Michelin-star restaurants or get your adrenaline fix at Liseberg – a popular amusement park that boasts themed rides and landscaped sculpture gardens. 

Comporta, Portugal 

If you’re looking for beautiful coastal views and a tranquil setting, then Comporta is the place for you. Located an hour and a half south of Lisbon, Comporta offers a unique landscape that combines the land and sea through the main beach and its surrounding rice paddies.

Galicia, Spain

Located on the northwestern corner of Spain, Galicia is an incredibly unique region that often gets overlooked when booking holidays. With breathtaking scenery along its 1200km coastline, Galicia gives visitors the option to enjoy wonderful landscapes from steep mountains to sandy beaches. As the end point of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, this region has so much history and culture.

Pula, Croatia

Despite being situated in Croatia, Pula has a distinctive Italian feel, that can be seen through its Roman architecture, most notably the enormous amphitheatre within the city. If you enjoy wine and great seafood, Pula sits within the Istrian wine region and its coastline is perfect for fishing. However, Pula is also a great base for more adventure – with Cape Kamenjak nature park and Brijuni Islands National Park very close.

Funen, Denmark

Funen – dubbed the ‘Garden Island’ is great for people that want the fairy tale experience. With grand castles,  and beautiful farmhouses, Funen has a whimsical charm that makes it so special.

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976 within the Alps. It is home to the Nordkette cable car – which gives you unparalleled views of the Alpine landscape and taking you more than 2000m above sea level in a matter of minutes. If you are lucky enough to spend your Christmas time there, you will enjoy cozy markets, handcrafted treats and some delicious traditional delicacies. 

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