Design and Environment

At Storyteller, we are passionate about helping the environment and not hurting animals. We do this by using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for our products and ensuring similar processes are implemented in the factories we work with.

One of our key values at Storyteller is to be radically open and honest about all of our actions and this includes our manufacturing processes and the materials we use.

Our people matter

Our People Matter

Commitment to doing good and building the best products. These are the values we seek in the people that make our products. By building strong personal relationships with each factory that we work with, we ensure that their processes follow our ethos of being environmentally friendly.

Whilst ensuring that we provide you with a high quality product, we also make sure that conditions of the workers are fair, sustainable and up to standard- we see each employee at these factories as a member of the Storyteller Community.



As well as being a socially conscious company, we strive to deliver the best products. Our designs seek to minimise waste and concentrate on the essentials that our customers want. We don’t cut corners and our reputation for durability and stylish design is what turns people from fans into customers.


From the printing on our clothing to the materials used in our products and packaging, we commit our time and efforts into researching and finding the best progressive and sustainable materials to ensure we support an environmentally friendly environment. Some of the materials we use for our products and packaging include recycled card, plant based materials and non-PVC polyurethane microfibre.

why bamboo

Why bamboo?

Without the need for any pesticides or fertilisers, bamboo is one of the fastest growing crops in the world!  Our bamboo products come with Oeko-Tex 100 Certification, a stamp to reassure customers that the product is free of harmful-chemicals.

Why hemp?

One of the most durable natural fibres on the planet and results in wonderful fabric. It is very low impact on the environment and requires no pesticides, synthetic or fertilizers.

Why organic cotton?

GMO free plants that are grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, mean less exposure to chemicals for farmers and the environment.