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For more than 45 years, The Barefoot College has created new innovative methods to educate and train local communities with a singular objective of spreading self-sufficiency and sustainability, one village at a time.  After starting in India, The Barefoot College now operates in 93 countries across Africa, Latin America, and Southern Asia.

To break the cycle of poverty, The Barefoot College run educational programmes for children and provide focused knowledge and skill workshops to thousands of adults every year to help them obtain income as well as help sustain their local communities. Training is provided in areas such as healthcare, livelihood development, communications and solar infrastructure.

The Barefoot vision is to continue training individuals worldwide as solar engineers, innovators, and educators, who then return to their local villages to spread the light and learning.

Not only have they demonstrated huge impact through their Educational programmes, but Barefoot have also overcome traditional and socioeconomic thinking to help individuals understand the importance of issues such as education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

Impact and why we love them

  • Operate in over 1,500 villages in 93 countries worldwide.
  • Direct training and services have impacted two million people
  • The Solar night school in numbers: 75,000 children, 14,000 teachers and 700 villages with night schools
  • 250+ individuals trained as Doctors and 93 different countries with trained solar engineers
  • Addressing important community issues such as caste, gender, labour, and environment through radio reaching more than 50,000 individuals.
  • The Times Of India Social Impact Award Winner 2015
  • Awarded the number 13 spot in the Top 500 NGOs in the world 2017
  • Awarded Gold Certification by Guidestar India for its Charitable work

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Next Generation is a global Unicef initiative bringing together diverse groups of young professionals who are committed to helping transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Through a series of innovative events and creative collaborations, this group of advocates works together to raise vital awareness and donations for UNICEF’s work.

What do they do?

  • Engage young professionals by creating content about humanitarian crises via digital channels and education events to create awareness.
  • Raise funds for UNICEF initiatives by organising events throughout the year in the UK
  • Advocate for UNICEF and its causes by engaging with experts in open dialogue about global challenges and issues

Impact and why we love them:

  • They bring together like-minded young professionals from diverse backgrounds to work together with a mission to do good
  • Not only do they engage in raising funds for UNICEF, but they also create content and events to advocate and share the problems that people around the world are facing.
  • The annual UNICEF Next Generation dinner 2017 raised over £125,000.00 and was solely organising by voluntary UNICEF Next Generation members.

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The Hope Foundation

Since 1999, The Hope Foundation has been committed to supporting the development of underprivileged individuals from the streets and slums of Kolkata (India) to help them create a better and brighter future.

With offices in the UK, Ireland, and Kolkata, The Hope Foundation tackle a range of issues that include sustainable programmes for education, healthcare and life skill training.

Through their educational programmes, The Hope Foundation has demonstrated consistent impact resulting in positive changes for individuals of all ages by enhancing their knowledge, skillsets and overall livelihoods.

We have partnered with The Hope Foundation as they share our understanding behind the importance of education and the need to build a self-sufficient community, which over time, will lead to a reduction in the level of global poverty.

The mission for The Hope Foundation is to promote the protection of street-connected children in Kolkata and have an immediate and lasting change to their lives.

Impact and why we love them

  • Manage over 60 projects, maintains a job skills training centre and has provided approximately 65,000 children with a formal education
  • Impacted over 2 million people.
  • 96% of children aged 6-14 years are attending school in the slums where HOPE operates.
  • The Hope Foundation is open and transparent about all of their actions
  • The Founder and Honorary Director Maureen Forrest does not take a salary.
  • Recently shown on Sue Perkins BBC show “The Ganges”

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