The Storyteller Fund

The Storyteller Fund

At Storyteller, our aim is to make a real long term impact on people’s lives, local communities and the educational system in less privileged areas of the world, not just provide a short term band-aid.

How will we fund this change? Simple. Welcome to The Storyteller Fund.

100% of The Storyteller Fund goes towards funding educational programmes, materials and resources for our supported charities. We support this by adding 10% of every Storyteller purchase directly into this fund.

But, we don’t want to stop there. To make a lasting difference, we need your help, our trusted Storyteller Community, to help us raise the funds we require through one-off donations and small monthly subscriptions.

Together we can create the change we want to see.

Be part of the Storyteller legacy.

We are thankful for every donation made to The Storyteller Fund.

Other ways to Do Good

There are other methods by which you can help us do good such as volunteering, fundraising or donating items to our supported charities. Please see the Storyteller Community page for further details.

Did you know?

Every £1000 raised gives four children in a less privileged area of the world one year of quality education. For one year this will include, education, medical care and nutrition, all materials, uniforms and school fees.

Every £400.00 raised allows one person to be fully trained as a Solar Engineer.