Note from the founder

Note from the founder

There is nothing more eye-opening than travelling the globe to broaden your thinking and excel your communication skills with other people and cultures. Personally, travel helped me enhance my skills in communication, organisation and build the confidence to return and achieve amazing results in all walks of life.

Whilst travelling I have witnessed some incredible sights, tasted the most amazing food, made friends all over the world and most of all, created many special memories that will always stay with me.

Although travelling has so many positives, it also showed me how hard it was to gain access to a quality educational in many areas of the world.  It was not until my trips to India and Peru however, where I saw the real effects of this as a huge number of adults I saw and met were completely illiterate. That is when it clicked. It was a repeat cycle, which in turn, was also increasing the number of individuals in poverty.

With the resources we now have, I simply could not understand why this was still happening and wanted to make a change.

I, therefore made a conscious decision to ensure that an integral part of Storyteller would be to focus on a mission to do good, and help fund and run educational workshops for both children and adults in partnership with charities who shared my vision of a better educational system and self-sufficient local communities in underprivileged countries.

My vision is not just for Storyteller to do good as a brand, but to bring together passionate travellers from around the world in unity with a mission to do good in the world. I hope you will support and join us on this journey of empowerment as together, we can make a difference.

Storyteller. Travel More. Do good.

Bhav Patel

Founder, Storyteller.


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