Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Bhav, Founder Storyteller and Marketing manager. 

” Although travelling has so many positives, it has also shown me how difficult it is can be to gain access to quality education in many areas of the world.  I therefore made a conscious decision to ensure that an integral part of Storyteller would be to help fund educational workshops for those less fortunate. My vision is not just for Storyteller to do good as a brand, but to bring together passionate travellers from around the world in unity with a mission to do good in the world.”

Likes: Food and lots of it. Adventure, obstacle races and coffee!

Dislikes: long haul flights!



Hassan, Head of Sales.

Likes: Being a Zayn Malik replica, shaping his beard and Mcdonalds.

Dislikes: Early mornings and food without spices!



Junior, Product Development Manager. 

Likes: Basketball, pastries and a great view!

Dislikes: The Cold weather and not being able to find his super large shoe size in the UK!





Dan, Creative Director.

Likes: A picture which tells a story.

Dislikes: The honest of which the bathroom scales talk.





Chai, Head of Digital Marketing. 

Likes: Sunsets, the outdoors and food from around the world!

Dislikes: The rain and bugs!




Mike, Legal and business development manager. 

Likes: music and late night gym sessions.

Dislikes: Cold weather and the lack of food at meetings!




Sukhi, Charities Manager and Lead on Do Good projects. 

Likes: Nature, hiking and a cup of hot tea!

Dislikes: When the dipped biscuit falls in your tea…



Zen, Customer Experience Manager.

The glamorous team member who always get her way. As Storyteller’s front of house she ensures excellent client experience at all times. The quickest runner in the team and definitely eats the quickest!