Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

What we do

We are a company with a social mission that builds travel accessories and helps provide access to quality education for less privileged individuals around the world. 

We use a share of our profits, resources, and volunteers to help fund and run educational workshops in collaboration with our charity partners UNICEF NextGen UK, Room to Read and Barefoot College.

In the UK, we help upcoming entrepreneurs and businesses with a social mission through our mentoring campaigns and also work alongside Ark Charity to work with pupils in UK schools.

Our vision

To impact 1,000,000 lives by providing knowledge and educational resources to individuals in less privileged areas of the world to help them create a better future.


Our Values

To Inspire More People To Travel

We love to travel! We want to inspire people to TRAVEL MORE and share how it has helps us discover the beauty of the world, overcome our fears, set forth and achieve anything we want in life. We believe travel is the platform of every successful person.

Temples of Kyoto

Every Product Has a Purpose

With every purchase, YOU are helping make a positive change in the world that we live in.

10% of each Storyteller product purchase goes directly to the Storyteller Fund to support sustainable educational programmes for those less fortunate.

Doing Good

We use our skills and resources to help run and fund educational programmes around the world.

We are passionate about making a direct impact on the educational problem around the world and work with like-minded individuals and organisations to help achieve our long-term impact vision.

Together with you, our Storyteller Community, we want to make a direct impact on the educational problem around the world, not be a short-term band-aid.

Transparency In Everything We Do

From the materials used to make our products to sharing where the funds raised are going, we are transparent in everything we do.

From January 2021, we will produce an annual “Do Good” Report showing progress on our aims and publishing exactly where the funds raised have been used.

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Ethical And Environmentally Friendly Materials

From the printing on our clothing to the materials used in our products and packaging, we commit our time and efforts into researching and finding the best progressive and sustainable materials to ensure we support an environmentally friendly environment.

By taking an innovative, considered approach to product design, we believe we can help make a positive impact on the world.

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Our People Matter

By empowering the people who make our products, building lasting relationships, and ensuring our products are made under fair, sustainable working conditions, we ensure our supply chain is ethical. We see each employee at our factories as a member of our Storyteller Community.

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Join The Storyteller Community 

Our story has just started. We want to bring together passionate travellers from around the world in unity with a mission to do good in the world. We hope you will support and join us on our journey of empowerment as together, we can make a difference.