10 Flag Bronze Traveller

From: £61.99

The Storyteller FlagMate

includes a free FlagMate


Flag 1


Engrave Flag 1 – optional

Flag 2


Engrave Flag 2 – optional

Flag 3


Engrave Flag 3 – optional

Flag 4


Engrave Flag 4 – optional

Flag 5


Engrave Flag 5 – optional

Flag 6


Engrave Flag 6 – optional

Flag 7


Engrave Flag 7 – optional

Flag 8


Engrave Flag 8 – optional

Flag 9


Engrave Flag 9 – optional

Flag 10


Engrave Flag 10 – optional



Each Individual Storyteller Flag is hand-painted.

Personalise your Storyteller Flag

The date you travelled to Brazil with your partner? Your 30th birthday in Barcelona? Or the two words that sum up your experience in Australia with your best friend.

There are certain words and dates that will always remind you of those special moments, so why not create your story using the Storyteller Flags!

Purchase the flags you require, add the engraving option and at the checkout, add your required engraving for each flag in the “Order Notes” box. You can add any message using 2 lines and up to 35 characters on each line.

New flags are added each month!

We understand that there are a few countries that you may have visited and not available on our flag list at the moment. Don’t worry though, we are adding new flags each month! If there is a specific flag that you would require, please do send us an email at hello@storytellertravel.co.uk and let us know which flag you would love for us to add next!


Stuck for ideas of what to engrave? No problem. It is hard to know exactly what you want to engrave on the back of your flags, so why not use our “BUY NOW, ENGRAVE LATER” scheme where you can purchase your flags and engraving now, then reach out to us within 3 months of your purchase to let us know what you would like- more time for you to get the perfect memories engraved!

Here are a few of our recent favourites from the Storyteller Community:

Product details

Each keyring will fit approximately 29 Storyteller Flags- for those globetrotters, purchase an additional keyring to collect more memories.

  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • Each flag is 1.33cm x 2cm and weighs approximately 3 grams
  • Custom made and individually Hand-painted
  • Back of each flag has the option to be personalised using up to 35 characters (over 2 lines)
  • Made from Iron with a perfect nickel plating
  • Do not wash or leave in water
  • Do not wear or leave on skin for long periods as this may cause irritation
  • Collectable keychain, not a toy. Not recommended for children under the age of 10.

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