Why Travel is the Best Teacher

Why Travel is the Best Teacher

Right now we are all craving a trip abroad. Holidays are the ideal way to unwind and escape from the monotony of everyday life. However, travelling also provides invaluable opportunities for growth and development. Here are our reasons as to why Travel is one of the best teachers in life. 

You acquire more social skills 

If you’ve ever been to a hostel or a group trip whilst travelling, you’ll know how varied everyone you meet is. People from multiple backgrounds congregate in tourist spots and holidays allow you to get to know them. You can develop skills such as small talk and progressing past cultural barriers. A study found that individuals become more open and agreeable people when travelling. 

You learn about history 

During our school years, history is merely something covered in an old textbook. However, travelling provides the opportunity to see the past living in our modern age. A trip abroad allows you to go back in time through visiting monuments such as The Parthenon or Bradenburg Gate. 

You develop your independence 

Everyone will remember the first time they went to a foreign place without their parents. Planning how to get from A to B may seem stressful but it enables you to harness your own initiative. There is no coming-of-age experience better than navigating problems in a foreign place. Once you overcome these problems, it helps you achieve a better mindset to overcome other problems that occur throughout life. 

You understand the importance of money 

There is no better test for your financial skills than having to fully fund and plan a holiday. From which flights to choose to which restaurant to eat at, a trip away helps you gain budgeting skills that will definitely benefit you in other aspects of life. Just make sure you practise your haggling skills to make the most out of foreign markets!

You test your boundaries 

Travelling provides an abundance of chances for you to push your limits and try new things. This could be through tasting the flavourful local cuisine or engaging in thrill-seeking activities like sky-diving. Any way you choose to do it, a trip to an unfamiliar place helps you realise how much you’re capable of. 

You expand your linguistic capability

As our world becomes more inter-connected than ever, it is essential to learn about other cultures and practise etiquette by picking up the local lingo. Around 6500 languages are spoken across the globe and travelling is a perfect way to pick up phrases and words from other areas.

You gain an understanding of multiple cultures 

Each culture possesses its own fascinating norms and practices. For instance, you should accept objects with two hands when in South Korea and you shouldn’t ask for salt when dining in Egypt. When you are travelling, you can acquire knowledge about the plethora of intriguing cultures that exist on Earth.

You master how to prioritise

We’ve all been there when you’re packing and can’t fit all the items into our suitcase (no matter how many times you try to squash them in). Another classic travelling experience is when you have to fit each member of a group’s pressing needs. You can learn how to make quick decisions and prioritise through unique experiences like this when travelling.

You achieve peace of mind 

When work and studying feels like a neverending chain of emails and computer screens, we all end up craving a break. Travelling is more crucial than ever as a means to shut off and focus on the fundamental aspects of life. Marvelling at natural beauties such as the Iguazu Falls or Ha Long Bay help you gain perspective on what matters in life.

You become more aware of economic disparity 

According to the most recent figures, 736 million people live in extreme poverty (defined as less than $1.90 or less per day). Although travelling is immensely enjoyable, it is also an important way to raise your awareness of inequality around the world. At Storyteller, we feel passionate about giving back through travelling. 

You can learn more about how we give back and do good here.

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